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I used to give daily tests and then work on the weakest subject of my Prep-DNA for about 1–1.5 hours. PrepDNA was my favourite part in Pre-PG. It will exactly tell you which is your weaker subject and in even the subject, it will tell your weakest topic. This helped me a lot to identify my weaker subjects and effectively work on them.

Dr. Abin Jose, AIR 2100 in NEET PG


In Pre-PG, every subject test gets repeated in around every two weeks. I was revising subjects for the tests, so I did not quite lose touch with any of the subjects. Moreover, in revision tests of Pre-PG, whatever questions we do wrong we have to face them again in daily tests. So, we are kind of accustomed to those questions because of the regular and repeated revision. I realized how important this was for me when I compared myself with my friends, who were not into such a pattern of revision.

Dr. Kumari Ritu, AIR 94 in NEET PG


There are 19 subjects in NEET PG. They didn’t trouble me much as Pre-PG solved that issue by giving such a wide variety of questions. It gives you questions right from 1999 which helped me to strengthen my basics, to questions from recent years which helped me gauge where I am going wrong in my revision part.

Dr. Abha Mehta, AIR 1800 in INICET


One word: Amazing! The question level precisely mimics the type of questions that come in NEET(UG). The premium version is really affordable, it is not heavy on a average student's pocket. Personally speaking, I really liked the flash cards of biology.....every time I accurately recall something, it boosts my confidence.

Sayantan, Active User of Darwin

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